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Accelerate the Launch of your SEO Services

From packaging and pricing to marketing and sales, there is a lot to consider when starting an SEO agency or adding SEO services to your existing digital agency. 

Based on over 10 years of experience as SEO agency owners, our courses and resources are designed to jumpstart your efforts.

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Get Started with SEO Services

In this 1 hour course, you'll learn how to package, price, market, sell and deliver SEO services.



SEO Business Course

Accelerate the launch of your SEO services offering with everything you need to package, price, market, and sell.



Email Templates

Pre-crafted and pre-tested emails for freelancers and agencies who offer SEO services.


Hi! I'm Lindsay Halsey.

For the past ten years, I’ve specialized in search engine optimization services for small to large businesses. As the co-owner of an SEO agency, I’ve worked on SEO projects for hundreds of businesses. Along the way, I found that the partner best suited to offer SEO services is actually you, the web designer/developer.

Today, I teach freelancers and agencies how to successfully offer SEO services. You’ll solve your customer’s challenge (getting found on Google) while growing your recurring revenue!

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